April 28, 2009 at 8:13 am (Uncategorized)

I feel like crap today.  It’s mostly because I have a headache (and it’s very likely the same headache I had yesterday morning).  I’d hoped that drinking some extra water this morning would help, but no dice.  I should have just taken Aleve and been done with it.

Plus, it’s raining, kind of.  Not really raining, so it’s not really worth using an umbrella, but it’s enough rain that I arrived at work rather damp.  Even knowing that we probably need this rain doesn’t make me any more inclined to be happy about it.



  1. Elizabeth said,

    Rain? You arrive at work a little damp and you call that Rain? We call that humidity in Houston. Rain is something that makes you want to own a duck boat like you can see on the lake in Austin. Rain is something that is accompanied by loud thunder and bright lightening and high winds–that is if you are lucky, there are winds because the front will move on. If there are no winds, well, that is not good at all. Rain turns you street into a lake. Rain makes you glad you own Wellies to walk in.

    Remember, April showers bring May flowers. I am expecting (and actually getting) a boat load of flowers this spring.

  2. Mary said,

    You know, I don’t think I ever realized how obnoxious it sounded to be a Houstonian scoffing at what other people call rain until just now. 🙂

    There’s very little more annoying than rain that won’t make up it’s mind – it’s almost too light for an umbrella (and the wind would make it hard to stay dry anyway), but too hard to happily go without anything. At least when it’s pouring you can resign yourself to getting soaked and be done with it.

  3. Elizabeth said,

    Well, rain is about all we can scoff at. It’s not like our snowfall ever beat anyone else’s record. However, that does not stop us from moaning and bragging at the same time on those few occasions that we get a bit of snow.

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