Rick Perry really needs to just shut up.

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Okay, I was first going to call this post “Texas, please stop embarrassing me,” but I realized that the state of Texas is actually an inanimate object that, as far as I am aware, has never done anything to hurt anybody.

But that’s not to say certain Texans *coughRickPerrycough* aren’t capable of embarrassing all the other Texans on a Texan-sized scale.  Everything is bigger in Texas – including Rick Perry’s hair, his lack of rational thought, and his lack of common sense.

I really wish that somebody would just sit him down and explain that he was only re-elected as governor because Texas law doesn’t require run-offs.  He seems to have missed the fact that, though he did get more votes than anyone else, 61% of the people voting in that election didn’t vote for him.  He also seems to have missed the fact that a significant portion of those anti-Perry voters were Republicans (Carole Keeton Strayhorn, a Republican running as an independent, got 18% of the vote).

So when Rick Perry starts implying, in public, with reporters around, that Texas can secede from the Union (and that maybe it should), he’s embarrassing the state of Texas and all Texans on a monumental scale.  Texas is not a sovereign nation.  The Republic of Texas willingly joined the United States back in 1846 because the 10 year experiment with nationhood left it bankrupt and unhappy.  And the state willingly re-joined the Union after the Civil War because of the ass-whipping the Union delivered to the Confederacy.  I have to say, it sure takes a pair to beg for annexation in 1846, and then thumb your nose and secede 15 years later because that same country that annexed you is expecting you to follow its laws.  I really hope the irony of that is not lost on people.

I also really feel the need to point out, since this goes along with the stupidity of Rick Perry at the moment, that the so-called “tea bagging” movement is highly contradictory and hypocritical (and very inappropriately named).  As far as I can tell, people are protesting high taxes (the rates of which were voted on by a Republican Congress serving under George Bush), among other things.  They are also blaming all of it on Obama, who hasn’t even finished his first 100 days in office.  Because somehow, the economic crisis, size of government, and current rate of taxation (all of which happened before the 2008 election, as well as the Inauguration in January) is President Obama’s fault.

There also appears to be a lot of criticism towards the current government, coupled with statements of patriotism.  Do these people not remember the past 8 years?  Apparently, from 2000-2008, criticizing the government made you a bad American, treasonous, or actually a terrorist.  I may joke about people saying “Why do you hate America?” in response to any legitimate criticism, but that’s what it felt like they were saying.  But now, since the damned liberals are “the man,” criticizing the government to the point of advocating secession is somehow patriotic (and it’s not just Perry who has gone that far).  Because it is just so incredibly patriotic to declare your sovereignty from the entity you claim to be loyal to.

Seriously, I think that being critical of our politicians and other officials is about as American as it’s possible to get.  But there is a point at which it becomes rather counterproductive and, dare I say it, un-American.  Criticizing them because you believe in the system and want your officials to do better (or leave office so someone else can do better) is one thing.  Criticizing them because you’d like to withdraw your loyalty and give it to another entity is something else entirely.

I also feel the need to point out that this “tea bagging” movement is something that was entirely engineered by established conservative pundits, politicians, and think-tanks.  It’s not a real grass-roots movement, because it wasn’t brought about because of ordinary private citizens (or even smaller scale politicians).  This movement is much more properly labeled Astroturf.



  1. Kristan said,

    “Rick Perry, please stop embarrassing Texas/Texans” might have been a pretty apt title. That’s definitely how I felt when I read about this yesterday.

  2. Jacqueline said,

    I am sorry that *cough Kristan cough* feels “THE NEED” to comment on a what she erroneously intreprets and presumes the purpose of “the Tea Party”, acronym for Taxed Enough Already, was about. As a participant of said event, and a NON Obama supporter, I feel very strongly about where this nation is headed and its spiraling financial downfall. Not being an individual sold on the medias slanted tunnel vision and highly opinionated stance on everything insignificant from what Michelle Obama is wearing, to what they are growing and dining on and what dog is purchased . NONE of which is relevant to me, my childrens future or subsequent financial prosperity.

    The current administrations financial spending spree is an enormous drain on our pocket books to the tune of billions of dollars to fund programs such as wooden arrows for kids rather than plastic and movie making according to section C of TARP as well as a host of other programs that are “life style”choices. In addition, last time I checked, no government institution has ever come to my aid to clear me of any debt, save me from any high interest accounts or bad judgement investments I may have incurred. Yet, we are asked to bail out AIG and other banking institutions to the tune of billions, that according to an article in the NY Times have stated clearly ” several bank chairmen as stating that they had no intention of changing their lending practices to “accommodate the needs of the public sector”; and that they viewed the money as available for strategic acquisitions in the future”. By this quote, we see that a large portion of these billions of dollars of newly acquired National debt will be alloted to “STRATEGIC FUTURE ACQUISITIONS ” many of which are overseas and benefiting their industry solely thus stagnating the prosperity of this nations future.

    One of the most appealing aspects of our Democracy and free enterprise system is exactly the reason most well intending immigrants have come to our shores. Those of which include having the freedom to engage in or own their own business, earn a living and purchase property, obtain an education and the freedom to worship as they will. Virtues which are rapidly being erroded .

    The Tea Party IS a grass roots movement by those of us who graciously remain quiet in the wake of all the garbage that is spewed by Hollywood, caustic liberal media, and individuals seeking to FORCE a new standard of life upon many who choose NOT to conform via radical changes in the Constitution and taxation of this great nation.

    As a fourth generationTexan, I am neither offended nor embarrased by Govenor Perrys comments and if you would like, you are MORE than welcome to pay for my families fair share for these newly inspired costly government programs and should you “FEEL THE NEED” in the future..relieve yourself elsewhere.

  3. Mary said,

    Jacqueline, I would very much appreciate it if you would direct your comment at me, since all the things you disagree with are things that I said. The previous commenter did nothing but agree with me.

    I am also confused about why I should post my personal opinions in some other location besides my own personal blog. You are free to disagree with them, but it is my blog.

    And finally, I will point out that your being a fourth generation Texan is irrelevant. My family has lived in Texas for over a hundred years – I myself spent the first 22 years of my life there. Leaving all that aside, it is ridiculous to imply that your opinion means more than someone whose family arrived in the state more recently than yours did. Voting in this country is not based on seniority.

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