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I’m having a hard time with the fact that it’s only Wednesday.  It’s sad, because I had two vacations just recently, but I feel like I need another one.  Only this time, I need a vacation that involves nothing more complicated than me sitting around my apartment and amusing myself in whatever way strikes my fancy.

Going to Houston was great, but I didn’t really have all that much down time.  I planned it that way on purpose, because there was kind of a lot that I wanted to do, and a lot of people I wanted to see.  I wouldn’t have been able to make the most of my time there if I’d planned on having time to do nothing.  But, of course, when I got home again, I had missed out on my weekend, and still had all the chores I wasn’t able to do over the weekend (plus the chores around unpacking).

And, in hindsight, it was maybe not the very best decision to plan a trip home to Houston that would have me getting back home just four days before Amiel’s parents visited.  I hate having visitors when I feel like my life isn’t quite in my control, and it always takes me at least a week after a trip anywhere to feel like I’ve got it all in hand.  So I spent a bit more time scrambling in that week than I otherwise would have.

But their visit was nice, and I enjoyed it.  We were able to go out to the coast, to Depoe Bay, and that was fun.  I’d never been up the coast that far north, and it was really quite gorgeous.  On our way up, we drove mostly up the coast on 101, and I think everyone but me was really surprised by the scenery.  But the Pacific coastline they are all used to is nothing like the Pacific coastline in Oregon.

We also stopped in this little town called Waldport that’s a little ways south of Newport and Depoe Bay.  I thought it was a cute little town, and had I been on my own, I might have wanted to poke around a bit.  There was a flea market I’d totally have gone into if I’d been by myself, too.  Flea markets usually sell junk, but I love looking through them anyway.  We stopped to eat at a restaurant there that looked to be half pizza parlor, half fish and chips stand, with Japanese bento boxes thrown in for good measure.  It’s sometimes almost comical the lengths that restaurants in Oregon will take “fusion food” – I suppose I can be thankful that there wasn’t any fish and chips in ramen type meals.

Anyway, we were all pretty hungry at that point, so I think all of us would have been just fine with “adequate” food.  It was a lovely surprise to find out that the fish and chips, at least, were actually pretty good.  Amiel and his parents all had halibut as their fish.  I tried a bit of Amiel’s, and it was tasty (I’m a fan of halibut, and it’s particularly good in Oregon).  I decided to get popcorn shrimp, and they were absolutely delicious.  Shrimp in Oregon can be a sort of hit-or-miss kind of thing.  Anything at least as big as your pinky finger was probably from somewhere else and frozen.  The little “shrimp meat” is sometimes good, and sometimes rather indifferent.  The popcorn shrimp I had at this restaurant was small enough that it could have been fresh, and I think is the best tasting shrimp I’ve had in Oregon.

The drive home from Depoe Bay was another story entirely.  Since it was just Amiel and I at that point, we decided to take a faster route that left the coast at Newport.  Since it was insanely windy that day, we were thrilled to be getting away from the coast that quickly.  It’s really too bad it was so windy, because the road we took was quite picturesque and winding…but the wind made it rather challenging to drive on.  I think Amiel and I may try to go back that way sometime this summer, and hopefully it won’t be quite so windy.

And, of course, when we got home, we had to go to the store and get ready for the week.  So I find myself, on Wednesday morning, desperately wishing for the weekend.  Fortunately, the only thing I have to do this weekend is get a new tire on my car, and that shouldn’t take more than an hour, hopefully.

So, that was the past week or so in a nutshell.


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  1. Kristan said,

    “But the Pacific coastline they are all used to is nothing like the Pacific coastline in Oregon.”

    LOL for realz.

    Sounds like you need a STAY-cation! They’re the new black, or something.

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