March 25, 2009 at 9:01 am (This Makes No Sense) (, , , , )

So as I was going to work this morning, I saw an advertisement on the back of one of the city buses.  On one side, there were a couple of teenage kids holding what I assume were supposed to be beer cans.  On the other side was some rolled up money, some mysterious white powder, and some pills spilling out of a prescription bottle.

I think the text of this advertisement, if I remember it correctly, was something along the lines of, “Think drinking is harmless?  This leads to this.”  Obviously, according to this add, having a beer with friends before you turn 21 will make you a crazy, prescription-drug-abusing crackwhore.  Or something along those lines.

Apparently, it’s not bad enough to tell teenagers that drinking too much does have the potential to be fatal and/or cause brain damage (not to mention all the stupid things people often do when they’ve been drinking).  Now they have to outright lie and say that drinking leads to abusing hardcore drugs.  I bet that’s a delightful message to send to kids whose parents drink on occassion.  There’s nothing better than convincing children that Mommy and Daddy shoot up after bedtime.



  1. jane said,

    Thank you! I’m very tired of scare tactics.

  2. Kristan said,

    LOL I had to laugh at that last line.

    I know why they do it (subtlety — i.e., facts — in advertising isn’t very effective…) but I agree it’s a little silly. (Subtlety — i.e., facts — in real educational programs is a different story altogether, and IS effective.)

  3. Mary said,

    Kristan – I just wish they wouldn’t “advertise” that sort of thing. You’re right – it’s impossible to be subtle. But that doesn’t mean it’s okay to lie to try and make a point. The more adults lie to teenagers, the less likely teenagers are to listen to any adult. It’s not really a good precedent to set, you know?

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