Harbingers of Spring

February 11, 2009 at 2:03 pm (This Makes No Sense) (, )

This time of year can sometimes be a lovely bunch of contradictions.  It’s awfully fun, at times.

For instance, there have been little purple crocuses blooming in one of the flower beds I walk past on my way to work since early January.  They poked their little heads up, and I was absolutely convinced they were going to freeze and die, but they’ve hung on thus far.  But it’s pretty strange to see these little purple flowers when the wind feels positively arctic and it’s actively snowing (like yesterday).  Especially since most of the plants around the city still have no leaves.

It’s also really interesting to look out the window and see a gorgeous blue sky.  Granted, there are clouds (there almost always are), but it’s delightfully sunny out today.  And I’ve had my little space heater on all morning because it’s actually quite chilly out.

But I think the best contradictions are in what many people choose to wear.  Flip flops with insulated parkas, for instance.  That one is always fun.  Or summer-y platform sandals that would look great with a sundress, paired with black tights and a winter coat.  Or a skirt made of pastel, floaty fabric worn underneath a heavy black coat.

It gets better in the spring and fall – sometimes you’ll see people wearing Ugg boots and shorts.  Or shorts and flip flops with heavy sweatshirts (generally with the hood up and accompanied by a lot of shivering).

I can sort of understand all this weird mixing, though.  It generally doesn’t consistently feel like spring until it’s practically summer.  Any time between January and June, you’re just as likely to see warm weather as cold, and sunny skies as rainy.  It can still sometimes freeze at night, too.  Every time you think spring is finally starting to make an appearance, you have to wait a few weeks to make sure it doesn’t get scared and go back into hiding.



  1. Kristan said,

    I can finally understand the clothing mix too. I myself have taken to wearing dresses with tights and “Uggs” sometimes (imitation of course, because am I willing to pay $200+ for boots? uh, heck no). It’s kind of neat to see the whole different world of fashion here vs. in Texas. I think I like the warm weather layering better, in fact, although I do miss Texas “winters” sometimes. Like when it’s, oh, 3 degrees outside. 😛

  2. Mary said,

    Living in a place with distinct seasons has mostly served to make me aware of the fact that certain types of clothing look ridiculous when worn out of season. It looks just as silly to wear a sundress in the winter as it does to wear a wool coat in the summer (unless you live in a place when summer is really that cold).

    It’s not like there aren’t winter dresses (that would look great with tights if it’s cold enough to need them). But floaty, diaphanous, pastel fabric doesn’t generally have much of a presence in winter clothing, and for good reason.

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