February 9, 2009 at 11:04 am (Uncategorized) ()

Every so often, I come across a song that has lyrics I can really identify with.  Even less often, I’ll come across a song with lyrics that speak to me that also has a catchy tune.

I’ve recently discovered one such song – Lucky by Jason Mraz (featuring someone whose name I really can’t spell or remember).  I haven’t heard much on his latest album, but that one song is excellent.  It’s kind of neat that it’s a duet, too.

Anyway, it’s worth checking out.



  1. Kristan said,

    Oh, I just looked it up on YouTube:

    I really like Colbie Caillat, the girl that’s featured. She sang that song “Bubbly,” you might have heard of it?

    I really like his current single “I’m Yours.” I haven’t heard much of the rest.

  2. Mary said,

    I like the current single, too. I haven’t heard of the song Bubbly, and had never heard of Colbie Caillat before (which is why I have a hard time remembering her name).

    I originally listened to Lucky on YouTube, also. That is, in fact, the very video I found. I was investigating the album on iTunes, because I might eventually buy it. I wanted to hear more than the 30 second clip.

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