Oh, Mondays

January 26, 2009 at 9:23 am (Uncategorized)

It’s a lovely, clear day today.  We’ve got blue sky (even though it’s supposed to rain at some point), and it was 30º when I left this morning.  I should have put my hood up sooner than I did – my ears were cold!  But I actually enjoy this sort of weather.  Oregon is great when it’s clear and cold in the winter.

Today required a lot of extra motivation to get myself out the door.  I didn’t sleep well last night, and could just feel myself dragging all morning.  The only reason I was really able to leave on time is because I decided today was a no makeup day.  My skin’s pretty clear at the moment, and my glasses make eye makeup not strictly necessary, so lucky me.

And actually, speaking of glasses, I got my lenses replaced this weekend.  I actually have two pairs of frames that are exactly the same, because one of them was originally prescription sunglasses.  But I really don’t use them anymore (largely because they’re 2 prescriptions out of date, and I can’t see anything properly), so Mom had the great idea of having my new lenses put into the sunglasses frames.  So now I have a backup pair of glasses that is close enough for me to function, should I ever need them.

My new glasses are taking some getting used to, though.  I can certainly see a whole lot better, but they don’t have an anti-reflective coating.  So I really notice when they’re dirty, and have to clean them all the time.  I can get the anti-reflective coating put on later, if I’m willing to surrender my glasses for a week and pay $69 (insurance doesn’t cover it, and I’ve blown through my vision insurance allowance for the year anyway).  So I’m thinking I might give it a couple of months to see if I can get used to the difference, and then have it done if it’s still bothering me.

But on the plus side, it’s really nice to be able to focus on things properly again.  My eyes don’t have to work nearly so hard to see things clearly again.

Amiel and I also went to the gym last night.  We really intended to start last week, but after I got locked out on Tuesday and was just exhausted Friday, it didn’t work out so well.  We’ve been really trying to add a lot more vegetables to our diet and get as much physical activity as we can.  We’re doing okay with the physical activity, because we both end up doing a lot of walking.  And the diet thing is getting better because we’ve started eating salad most nights, as well as eating more frozen vegetables.  But none of it will do as much as we’d like if we don’t lift weights.  So we went last night, and I’m ever so slightly sore today.  It’s really only my shoulders, and it’s a good kind of sore.  But I’ll need to fiddle around with how much weight I’m using for all the other exercises – nothing else is sore, and my arms and legs should be just a little.

The other thing we got to deal with this weekend was 3 of our 4 kitchen outlets not working.  They just suddenly stopped yesterday morning.  Fortunately, everything we had plugged in still works just fine, but it’s a pain to be without most of our plugs.  Someone’s going to come look at them tomorrow, and I’m hoping it’s a simple fix.  But either way, this is one of the joys of living in an apartment – this isn’t my headache.  And I really shouldn’t have to pay to fix it (since I didn’t do anything wrong or out of the ordinary).

And that’s probably quite enough of a mundane update for now.



  1. Kristan said,

    It’s still in the teens here. 😦

    And I need new glasses/contacts, haha. Oops…

  2. Mary said,

    Hey, I put off these new glasses for at least a few months. That’s life, when you have limited resources and decide you can live with a little blurriness. 🙂

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