I’m an idiot…

January 21, 2009 at 8:39 am (Uncategorized)

…but at least I now know my new winter coat works.

So yesterday, I was in a bit of a rush getting out the door.  I almost always am the first day of the week, because I need a little extra time to get all my stuff together.  I use a backpack during the week, but a purse on the weekends (and my purse is too big to just toss in my backpack like I used to in high school).

I realized when I got to work that I’d forgotten my wallet.  It’s not honestly that big a deal, but I kind of sort of wanted to buy a soda yesterday and couldn’t.

Then, as soon as I got off the bus near my apartment, I realized I’d also forgotten to grab my keys.  Amiel locked the door behind me yesterday morning, so I didn’t realize I’d left them hanging by the front door.  This also would not normally be a problem, because Amiel is usually home before me – except that yesterday he had a meeting that started at 5:30.  So I was pretty much SOL, since it was only about 5:45 when I got home.

So, I got back on the bus and went back towards campus, expecting Amiel to be done with his meeting within an hour (as per his prediction).  I figured I’d go sit in a coffee shop somewhere and have some cof…oh wait, I didn’t have my wallet.  Then I thought I’d go sit in the lobby of a nearby building, except it was locked for the night.  So I ended up waiting outside for nearly an hour.  I didn’t want to leave the bus stop area, just in case Amiel didn’t check his phone and see the six missed calls and new voicemail.

I finally got home at about 7:15 or so.  I have this really great heating pad that is basically a towel that I cut up and sewed into a pouch, and then filled with rice.  I microwave it for 3 minutes, and then it just radiates wonderful heat for like the next hour.  It’s great.  So I heated that up, curled up on the couch under a blanket, and stuck the heating pad on top of my feet (which were freezing).

While I was waiting for Amiel, I ended up calling my wonderful friend Becca for another reason, and mentioned (read: complained a lot about) the fact that I was locked out of my house.  She felt bad for me, and she and her husband were going to be in the area soon, so they offered to bring us dinner.

So they showed up bearing food 10 minutes or so after we got home (just enough time for me to put all my stuff away and warm up my feet), and stayed for an hour or so.

I’m totally going to be paranoid about my keys for awhile (at least when I’m not driving somewhere), but at least the evening ended well.  And my coat actually kept me warm while I stood around outside, in the dark, in 32° weather.



  1. Angie said,

    Becca sounds really sweet. 😦 about waiting outside in freezing cold weather, that is not fun. I’ve definitely left my wallet on accident before, but what’s worse is leaving my cell phone and knowing someone needs to reach me for a meeting. Whoops. Keys I’m paranoid about, else I can’t get in ever!

  2. Mary said,

    Becca is an awfully sympathetic person, and lets me complain. I always appreciate people who don’t get worn out by my complaining, because a certain amount of it almost always makes me feel better.

    I actually forget my cell phone as often as I forget my wallet (which is to say, once or twice a month). That one usually doesn’t matter because I don’t really answer it at work anyway. Nobody expects to be able to call me between 8 and 5 regardless. It’s only a pain if I have to coordinate getting home with Amiel.

    Normally, I’m either driving somewhere or locking the house behind me when I leave, so I couldn’t possibly lock myself out. It’s just that Amiel has started waking up as early as I do recently, so I don’t have to lock the door myself when I leave. And I don’t drive to work.

  3. Kristan said,

    Oy, that stinks. One time I locked myself out of my car at work. 😦 And Andy was out of town on a week-long business trip to Germany! So I had to have a coworker drive me home to get the spare key (THANK GOD I don’t keep house keys and car keys together).

    It was summer, though, so coldness was not a factor. Glad your coat works!

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