Letters to the Editor

January 13, 2009 at 9:01 am (Politics) ()

Whenever I end up reading the letters that people submit to the New York Times, I am usually reminded of all the very good reasons why I often skip over them entirely.  Sometimes the topics simply don’t interest me in the slightest, but so often, they’re written by people who seem to either be terminally stupid or just really bad at determining the point of whatever article they are commenting on.  Or, I just violently disagree with them.

It ends up being a lot like a car accident – I know I should quit rubbernecking and move on with my life, but sometimes I just can’t help it.  So I end up reading letters that often make me kind of angry, or sad for the future of the world, etc. etc.  Every so often, though, I’ll come across a letter or group of letters that restores my faith in the human race.  It’s why I can’t always stop myself from reading them.

Today, looking at letters published over the weekend, was one of those days.  I read an op-ed essay written by John Bolton and John Yoo last week that discussed who had the right to enter into treaties.  They said that the Senate was the only entity with that authority, and they should serve as a bulwark to enencumbered executive power.

Well, that was rather rich coming from a man whose idea of diplomacy was to figuratively wallop people over the head if they didn’t agree with him (John Bolton), and the man who wrote memos about much of the various torture policy that came out of the Bush whitehouse (John Yoo).  So it was incredibly heartening to see about 5 letters published berating these two men for being giant hypocrits.  Even better, those letters are the only published letters on the subject so far.

It’s so nice when the New York Times doesn’t publish things of questionable sense just so it can avoid the lable “left-leaning.”  They really ought to just embrace their left-leaning bias, at least in the Opinion section, and be done with it.  They’re not really fooling anybody, although they do annoy people on a regular basis.



  1. Kristan said,

    Yeah… I need to do a better job of policing myself too. NYTimes op-eds are not my rubbernecking weakness, but I have a few. 😛

  2. Mary said,

    Hey, we’ve all got them. 🙂 Amiel just tells me I’m ridiculous for reading letters to the editor – which he considers one very small step up from comments on the articles themselves.

  3. Kristan said,

    Well… he has a point. 😛

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